Everyday English Conversations for Shopping

Example sentences used in typical spoken English conversations for shopping something at a mall or a shop.

Typical Sentences Used in English Conversations for Buying Something

Buying Something at a Shopping Mall

I want some (name of article).

I want a (name of article).

Do you sell (name 0f article)?

Will you show me some (name of article)?

I want something like this.

Now that isn’t quite what I want.

I am sorry but this isn’t what I want.

Can you show me something different?

How much is that?

What is the price of that one?

Have you anything a little cheaper?

Is that the same price?

Have you anything little cheaper?

Like this but little larger.

Like the one you showed me just now, but rather smaller. How much did you say this was?

I will take this.

I think this one will suit me best.

Now, I won’t take that one.

How much is that altogether please?

That’s all. Thank you.

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