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SpeakingEnglish.iN Spoken English classes


Speak English fluently

Express your ideas easily and articulately.


Speak English confidently

Feel confident while speaking English.


Speak better English

Refine you English accent to sound better.

Spoken English Classes

Do you feel frustrated because you get stuck when you starts speaking English? Are you unhappy because you studied English for years in school but still cannot speak English fluently? Take our spoken English learning programme to make a difference now.

spoken English improvement classes

Course Features

Salient features of our spoken English course.

spoken English classes features

Basic English Grammar

Learn the basic rules of English grammar which are required for speaking English fluently.

spoken English classes features

Vocabulary Improvement

Learn the basic English vocabulary, idioms and phrases used in everday conversations.

spoken English classes features

Conversational English

You will learn the everday conversational English with our Egnlish classes.

spoken English classes features

Fluency Development

Our programmed is designed to improve your fluency in English speaking.

spoken English classes features

Better English Accent

Improve you Englsh accent and speak with an improve English accent.

spoken English classes features

Confidence Development

Our soken English classes will help to build up your English-speaing confidence.

spoken English classes features

Learning English Naturally

With our spoken English learning programme you will learn Engish naturally.

spoken English classes features

Interactive Learning Sessions

Improve your English listening and compreshension skills with our classes.

Spoken English Classes over phone.

You can take our spoken English classes over phone and learn English speaking from the cozy comfort of your home. No need to commute to take spoken English classes any more. Save time and money on commuting.

Spoken English group classes.

You have the option to take spoken English group classes. If you hesitate to speak English in front of others these group classes can be very very helpful for you to get rid of that hesitation and speak English confidently.

spoken English group classes
spoken English one on one classes

Spoken English 1 on 1 Classes

You can take 1 on 1 spoken English classes by phone and improve your English speaking skills fast. 1 on 1 classes gives you more time to learn and practice speaking English. Improve you spoken English skills rapidly.

What our Students Say about us

Don’t just take it from us. Listen to what our students are saying about us.

“After completing B Com, I was searching online for a spoken English tutor who could help me to sharpen my English language knowledge. I stumbled upon their website. I am glad that I did that. I can now speak fluent English” Sanjit Kumar
“I was not getting a good job because of lack of my knowledge of English language. I could write in English but I was not good at speaking it. Speakingenglish.in helped me a lot to speak the language fluently” Amit Biswas
“The spoken English classes that I took from the tutors at speakingenglish.in were really good. I liked the way they tutored me. What I liked the most is that I didn’t feel any pressure. I almost learned the language playfully.” Sumit Sinha
“I most liked the Think in English part of the English learning sessions. I can now really think in English. That is a skill everyone should acquire. It made me speak English fluently.” Asis Dutta
“I was searching for spoken English classes. I learned about this institute on another website. I was not sure at first but then decided to give them a try. I am happy with their teaching sessions.” Dipika Banerjee
“I was actually looking for language partners online. I needed to have some English speaking practice for my interviews. I joined the spoken English sessions at speakingenglish.in. I enjoyed speaking English with tutors.” Jiten Mishra
“My English vocabulary was strong but I could not use them in sentences. One tutor at speakingenglish.in told me about foundational English vocabulary and taught me how to actually learn the English vocabulary. Yes, I am satisfied” Rituparna Dubey
“I was working at a retail outlet of a branded company. I didn’t have the time to take classroom classes to improve my English fluency. I took the English speaking course over mobile. I enjoyed learning English with speakingenglish.in” Joyita Biswas
“I always wanted to be a fluent English speaker. I can now speak English without any hesitation. Their spoken English classes are really offbeat. I think I now know how to actually learn a language.” Moumita Das

Start Learning in 3 Steps

You are just 3 steps aways from your English speaking fluency.

1. Step - Choose Your Course

You would first want to decide which classes are for you. Group classes or one on one classes.


2. Step - Get in Touch with us

You call us and let us about choice. You can always ask questions if you have any.


3. Step - Start Learning with us

You schedule your sessions and appoint a trainer or pick a group suitable for you.

Frequently asked questions from our students

Most frequently asked questions about our spoken English learning classes.

Can I switch to 1 on 1 classes after registering for group classes?

Yes, you can. After taking a few group classes if you think that you want more time and you can switch to one on one classes. You might also consider taking speaking English course for more speaking practice.

What if I change my mind and want a refund? Will I get my money back?

Yes you can. After you first class if you feel that this classes are not for you, you can ask for a refund. You send us a mail asking for a refund before your second session, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Can I choose a time for phone classes according to my convenience?

Yes, of course you can. That’s the whole point of spoken English classes by phone. You get to choose when you want to learn. You choose a time and our trainers will call you at that specific time for scheduled sessions.

Will there be makeup sessions if I miss my scheduled sessions?

If you are taking 1 on 1 spoken English classes and miss some your classes we will arrange for makeup classes. But if you are taking group classes, arranging makeup classes won’t be possible for us.

Let’s take your English speaking skills up a notch with our effective spoken English classes

Learn spoken English from your home over phone.

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