Helpful Spoken English Books

Spoken English Books that I Read the Most

When I first felt the need to have some spoken English books, I went to the google online book store. I found a lot of books there with the same or similar title. I didn’t know which ones to buy. I read many books to improve various aspects of spoken English. Some books to improve vocabulary, some to learn english pronunciations, some to learn english grammar rules. Here are the books that I used most and that helped me the most. I used these books along with some spoken English apps.

Some Extremely Helpful Spoken English Books

A Cure For The Common Word

To learn correct usages of some common words this book is a must read for everyone. This book will you to use the right word in the right place. This book will improve your spoken English.

A Sentence Dictionary

This is not a dictionary. This is a sentence dictionary. This book is useful for learning words in chunks. A must have in my repertoire of spoken English books.

Conversational American English

Filled with daily English conversation. I found this book helpful to learn conversational English. You might want to add this book to you list of spoken English books.

English Preposition Explained

A must read book to learn English prepositions. I think this book is for those who are intermediate level or above.

Macmillan English Dictionary

A dictionary with simple definitions of English vocabulary. This book highlights 7000 most used English words which I found very useful.

Macmillan English Grammar in Context

I always prefer to learn new things in context. Be it a new word or a grammar rule. This book went straight to my bookshelf.

Metaphors We Live By

An interesting and useful book. Learning metaphors was never easy before I read this book. It will surely help you in improving your spoken English.

NTC’s American Idioms Dictionary

This is a huge book. All the idioms in American English. This is dictionary of English idioms and deserved a place in my book shelf.

Oxford Phrasal Verbs

This is a phrasal verb dictionary. The book also has 500 most used phrasal verbs. With example sentences learning english phrasal verbs from this book is easy.

The Big Book of English Verbs

All the verbs you will ever need. 500 verbs with multiple examples. An useful book for everyone.

Verbal Advantage

This is an audio book. Great for learning English from word roots. I think this is for upper intermediate or above.

Word Power Made Easy

I think this a great book for building a strong English vocabulary. I changed my approach to learning new English words.

Word Smart

Learn English words the smart way. Learn word roots from this book.  This book is for upper intermediate or above.

Work on Your Idioms

Idioms are frequently used in daily conversational English. With this book I learned the most common English idioms. There are 300 English idioms with example sentences.

The above are the books that I most used to learn and improve my English. Books were my best friends along my journey to learning this language. You can learn more about this book on google book store.

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