Useful Spoken English Apps

I used some spoken English apps to learn English. Some of them are still on my phone. Using of apps helped to learn English everywhere. While travelling, waiting outside doctors’ chambers, standing in queues. I never feel bored. I utilized the time by learning something new with these apps. There are like gazillions of android apps for English learners. Here are the list of the apps that I found useful for me in learning English and why I think you should give them a try too.

Apps for Learning English

Vocabulary.Com App App

The app does what the name suggests. The app is about learning and mastering new English words. You can create list of words and learn them. There are many lists of words already created by its users. You can learn them too. I used this app whenever I came across a new word.

Why this app? – I loved the way the app defines a word. The definitions are unusual but in helpful ways. This also gives you the root of the word that you are looking up. If you want to learn the word you can add it to a list and the app will quiz you on that word. This can be a great tool to improve your spoken English.

Google Play Store

Oxford English App

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

This is a great for learner of English language. I benefitted from this a lot. The definitions have been given using basic English words. I can listen to the pronunciation of a word both in British English and in American English offline. This app also gives the origin of the word and lists other useful information too.

Why this App? The one feature of this app is that you can listen to the example sentences in real voice both in American English and in British English. You can listen to pronunciations offline too.

Google Play Store

Divii English

Divii English

This is another great android app to learn English in context. I have been using this app to improve my spoken English for a long time. This English app will help you to learn English vocabulary in context. That is an amazing feature.

Why this App? I think this is a great spoken English app because it has many video examples of any words. Learning words audiovisually is a feature that I liked the most.

Google Play Store

Etymology Dictionary app

Etymology Dictionary

This is a app that I use all the time. Great app to find word origins, word roots. This app is not available on google play. You might search for this app in google. If you love learning word roots this is a app for you.

Why this App? Whenever I look up a word in this dictionary I learn some other new words with the same root.



Macmillan English Pronunciation App

Pronunciation App

I used this English learning app to learn and practice the International Phonetic Alphabet. The helped me to polish my English pronunciation. You should definitely give it a try.

Why this App? This app is free and the user interface is clean. There are some IPA learning exercises too.



Google Play Store

I used some other apps too but these are the ones that I used the most.  These are the English apps that helped me to improve my English.

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