Can You Learn Spoken English Online Free?

Yes, you can learn spoken English online free. To learn and practice spoken English online you will need a computer, or a tablet or a smartphone and an internet connection. Find a language exchange partner and some language practice partners and you are all set to embark on your journey of learning spoken English online free.

You will also need an application to connect with your language partners and language exchange partners. Start learning learning English online in three steps.

Step#1 Install These Apps to Start Learning Spoken English Online

There are many apps that you can use for learning spoken English online, I’m listing the most widely used apps for this purpose. Install these apps on your phone or computer to get started.


Skype is perhaps most widely used by language learners around the around to learn English online. If you don’t want to install the app you can use Skype Online, the web version of Skype. You can make voice calls, make video calls, chat with others using Skype and you can share files with this app. You can create groups and add others to your groups. You can also share the links to your groups with others.


Hangouts is an app by Google and comes preinstalled in your android phone. You can make voice and video calls and chat with this app. You can share files with others. This is perhaps the second most used app for learning languages online. Hangouts has an online version too. You can also use Hangouts online.


You can make voice and video calls on WhatsApp. Create groups and chat with other group members on the group walls. WhatsApp is used by many language learners around the world to learn language online. WhatsApp has a web version too.

Google Plus

Google Plus is an android app and it is already on your smartphone if you did not uninstall it. You can not make calls with this app. You can chat with others using this app. You’ll need social media app to find language practice partners and language exchange partners.

Step #2 Find a language Exchange Partner who will teach you spoken English online

Language Exchange Partners

You are trying to learn spoken English and there are some native speakers who may want to learn your native language. You both agree to teach each other your native languages. That is language exchange. That is how language exchange method works. There are some online forums where you can try to find some language exchange partners.

Step #3 Find Some Language Practice Partners to Practice Speaking English online

Language Practice Partners

To speak English fluently you need to practice speaking English a lot. There is no other way to master English fluency. You will need some language partners to have English speaking practice with. You can find language practice partners on Google Plus and Facebook. There you will find many communities and groups of English learners. Join some of them to find your language practice partners.

Now you are ready to start learning spoken English online free. You can find language learning on this site. Read them to improve your spoken English. YouTube is also a great place to find tons of language learning resources. Start learning online without spending a dime. Is there a catch?

Should you try to learn English online free?

There is actually no catch. But, there are some ‘IFs’. You can try to learn spoken English online free


1. You are learning spoken English as a hobby.

2. There is no time limit for you to learn to speak English fluently.

3. You are not preparing for an exam.

If the answers to the above ‘IFs’ are yes, then there is no problem. You should go ahead and give it a try.

Cons of Learning Spoken English Online

The above method of learning a language is extremely time consuming and frustrating. What’s more frustrating is that improvement is very slow. It will take years to master English fluency in the above method of learning English.

If you’re a student and preparing for an exam or if you are trying to improve your spoken English to crack an upcoming interview, you should seriously consider taking an spoken English course. If your are learning spoken English to get a better job, you should seriously consider taking some spoken English classes.

Effective Ways for Students and Professionals to Master Spoken English Online

If you are a student you need to improve your English speaking skills within a certain timeframe. You will not get that much time to learn spoken English online in the above method. If you are learning English for your professional needs, you should take a spoken English course to improve your English fast.

Online Spoken English Classes

You can also learn spoken English online by taking spoken English classes . You can learn English online from your home using your smartphone or computer. By taking online English classes over phone you can save lot of time. The most important thing is that you will improve your spoken English fast.

English Speaking Course

To improve your English speaking skills you need to practice speaking English regularly. By taking an English speaking course you can practice speaking English with professional language trainers and improve your English speaking fluency fast. You get to refine your English accent at the same time.

Learn English over Phone

You don’t even need an internet connection if you learn English over phone. You can learn English from anywhere and anytime. You can save a lot of time, learn more and learn English faster by taking English classes and speaking practice course by phone.

Choose a method to learn English that best suits your needs and gives you the best result. Learning a language should be easy and fun and it is easy and fun if you are learning it the learning it the right way.


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