Learn English in Six Months

You can learn English on your own at home and become a fluent English speaker within six months.  If you stick to the method for six months, you will see a great deal of improvement in your English communication skills. I assure of that from my experience. The method consists of building seven language learning habits. Build the following highly effective habits to learn spoken English faster.

Seven Steps to Learn English

Forget Your First Language

Forget your first language or any other languages that you know other than English while you’re learning or speaking English. This is the first thing you should do. I know this is difficult but this is important. This will keep your brain from translating English into your native language. Your brain will be forced to think of ways to express ideas in English. Believe me, this is very effective. Try it right now and see the difference.

Learn Basic English Grammar

When you learned your first language, did you put conscious effort to learn the grammar? No. You didn’t. No one does. Don’t try to put too much focus on learning English grammar. You will learn them unconsciously. Just learn the basic English grammar and that will be fine to speak conversational English.

Learn Basic English Vocabulary

To learn English in the beginning learn the very basic words. There are around 1000 English words in the basic English vocabulary. Use a good English to English dictionary to learn these words, comprehend their meanings and usages. Digest these words. They will be building blocks of your advanced English vocabulary later. Learn the meanings of these words in English only. Do not translate the meanings into your first language. Every word represents a concept. Learn and remember that concept for that word.

Think in English

We constantly talk to ourselves in our heads. This is a natural phenomena and you can use this human phenomena to learn English. Try to do that talking in English. Keep doing that until it becomes a habit. Do not focus on the grammar at all at first. Make mistakes, it’s okay. Force your brain to think in English. Keep doing that until you start having dreams in English. This habit alone can improve your spoken English a lot.

Practice Listening English

The language learning process starts with listening. Listen to English whenever you can. Download some English conversions audios on your smartphone. Listen to them again and again and over again. Do active listening. After listening for one minute or two pause the audio and say loudly what you just listened. Make it a habit.

Practice Speaking English

To learn English you need to speak English as much as you can and as often as you can. Use the basic English words until you completely master them. Speak about things that you love. If you are a die hard fan of Kohli, speak about him. You love gardening, have conversations on gardening. Do not focus on the language while talking, rather focus on exchange of information. Find some English conversation practice partners online to learn spoken English online together. You can practice speaking English with your language partners online.

Immerse Yourself in the English Language

For the first six months get yourself completely immersed in the English language. Read newspaper in English, watch movies in English, listen to English music, watch English news channel, grab every opportunity to use English language. This will help you to get accustomed to taking in information in English. Just six months. You can do it.

Learning a language requires dedication. Build these seven habits and these habits will take care of the rest. Remember you can learn English at home on your own but you need to have tenacity.

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