Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

Reached a plateau? Looking for ways to improve your spoken English? It happened with me many times. I felt like I was stuck. I looked for ways to improve my English speaking skills. I searched the web. Did this and that. But improvement was illusive. I then took a different approach to solve the problem.

I asked myself a question and the answer to that question half solved the problem. I could easily identify the areas where I needed to put more effort to improve my spoken English.

The question was : What do I want?

The answer came : I want to speak English fluently, confidently and effortlessly on every subject.

I found out that I needed more vocabulary to be able to speak fluently on different subjects. I also found out that I needed to learn different usages of a single word, to speak in group to increase my confidence. I came up with some weird ideas to make my brain generate sentences in English spontaneously which I am gonna tell you later on.

Following are the things that I did to improve my spoken English and they did help me beyond my expectation. You may say that I took a holistic approach to improve my English communication skills.

Improving English Fluency

I picked up random topics and then spoke on those topics. I took note where I was having problems and I tried to solve them. I would go to English news websites, read the headlines and then without reading further I tried to talk about those topics. I had some Skype groups to practice speaking English with others. I talked on different topics with them on Skype. Sometimes we described pictures, sometimes we talked about random topics e.g. food, local festivals, lifestyles and many other things.

Improving Command Over English Words

I realized one thing that learning a new word is not enough. More important thing is to master the words that I already knew and to have command over the different usages of those words. Take the verb ‘to get’ for example. Any good dictionary has more two pages about that word. I knew only a few usages of that word. I wondered how many words did a native speaker use in everyday conversations. After searching a bit on the internet I found out that an average native speaker uses around 3000 English words. I realized that it is their knowledge of those words which made the able to speak about any subject using only those 3000 words. I started working on increasing my mastery of the basic English words.

Improving Ability to Generate English Sentences Effortlessly

To take care of this problem I tried different weird things. I did crazy things to learn English. I stripped the audios off some spoken English videos, got them on my phone and listened to them over and over again to make my brain feel comfortable with this language. I collected an audio file of common English words. I used to listen to that audio file everyday before going to sleep. Every time I talked to myself in my head I did that in English. I did that for several months. One day I had a dream in English. Everyone in my dream was talking in English. That was just an awesome experience. By this time I knew English had reached my subconscious mind.

These are the things that I did whenever I wanted to improve my English. You might want to give these ideas a try to improve your spoken English and see if these ideas work for you. Start by asking this question to yourself. What are the problems that you are facing now? And then identify the areas where you should put more work.

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