Tips to Improve Your English Speaking Skills Quickly at Home

You might want to improve your English speaking skills quickly at home before an upcoming important event. Maybe you are preparing for a job interview, or a campus interview, or maybe you are working hard to crack an upcoming group discussion. Here are the top tips that will help you to quickly boost your English speaking skills at home.
Quick tips to improve your English speaking skills

Start Speaking Now

Fluency in speech cannot be developed by reading a book or watching English learning videos. The first thing you’ve got to do in order to improve your English speaking skills is to start speaking. Speak as much as you can and as often as you can with a friend, classmate or anyone. If can’t find someone to practice Speaking English with, speak to yourself. Join an English speaking course on phone. But you need to speak, speak a lot in English if you really want to improve your English speaking skills quickly at home.

Read Books or Articles

If you have an interview, collect articles on related interviews. Read the common interview questions that you might be asked in the interview. Answer the questions loudly. You may take help of a friend. If it’s a group discussion that you are preparing for, collect some common topics for that type of group discussion. You can search in google for common group discussion topics. Read them and then practice speaking on those topics. It’s always better to speak with someone than to yourself. If you cannot find a friend to speak with, get online and find someone online.

Watch Videos

Go to YouTube and find some relevant videos. There are tons of videos on job interviews and group discussions. Watch the videos and see how the interviewers are asking questions, how the participants are speaking int the debate and  try to speak what you learned from the videos. Pay attention to the sounds of English words. Practice again and again if you find it difficult to pronounce some particular English words. Take note if required.

Active Listening

Listening makes your ears comfortable with English sounds. Listening actively will not only help you to consume new information but also to improve your English vocabulary and your pronunciations. Listen to English news broadcast. Listen to English music. Listen actively.

Talk to Your Friends in English

Start talking to your friends in English. You can talk about the movies that you last watched, current affairs and news. Do not worry much about making mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes. Instead ask your friends to correct you whenever you make a mistake. This way you can help one another in learning and improving your English speaking skills.  Talking with your friends in English will also help you to speak English confidently in front of others.

Learn the Jargons

Whether it is a job interview or a group discussion or a presentation learning the jargon is always recommended. This will ensure that there is no miscommunication. What’s more, using one or two of them in your speech will make you sound like an expert. Take note of all the jargons that you come across  while reading or watching the videos. You can also search the internet for the related jargons and find out their meanings. These will also improve your English vocabulary.

Take Some Mock Tests

Take some mock tests with your friends or colleagues. Act as if you are actually in the interview or the group discussion. Ask your friends to ask you questions and answer them off the top of your head. Join a debate with your friends. These will help you a lot to feel confident and speak fluently and confidently.

Follow the above tips to improve your English speaking skills quickly at home. These are some quick ways to speak confidently in some particular events. But not permanent solution to the problem.

You need to practice regularly and learn English regularly if you want to really become fluent in speaking English. Even after getting the long cherished job or getting into your dream college or university, you will need this language skill. In many companies the written communication is done only in English. There will be meetings when you will be required to speak in English or give a presentation in English. So, it’s better to start working on refining your English speaking skills sooner than later. You might also want to read these tips on how to improve your spoken English.

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