Spoken English Videos

Learn English  with these videos and improve your spoken English. I have chosen these videos because of the vocabulary and the grammar. Watch one video several times until you kind of remember the whole video. Enjoy watching these videos and learn English at the same time.

Write something about the video that watched. In short what was the video about? You can use your own words to describe the video.

How to Watch these Videos?

  1. Watch one or two minutes
  2. Pause the video
  3. Say aloud what you watched
  4. Watch the same scene again if required
  5. Do not enable the subtitle first. Turn it on later if required.
  6. Watch the next scene
  7. Repeat the process
  8. Write something about the video that you watched in the comment section.

How to Learn from these videos?

  1. Focus on the rhythm of the  language
  2. If you come across an unknown word write down the complete sentence
  3. Do not translate into your native language
  4. Watch the same video several times for several days

Answer these questions after watching the video

  1. What was the video about?
  2. What massages did the video convey?
  3. What you liked the most?

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