English Pronunciation Practice Tips

Here are some practical tips that will actually help you to improve your English pronunciation. These techniques helped me in refining my English articulation. You can improve your English accent with these simple but effective techniques on your own.

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation on Your Own

You can improve your English pronunciation on your own at home using the following tips.

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

The International Phonetic Alphabet, IPA in short, is an internationally recognized set of phonetic symbols. This is used to represent the spoken sounds of words. I think an example is need here.

The word ‘experience’ written in IPA is ɪkˈspɪərɪəns. In English k is represented by many English letters. C can sound like K as in cat. Q as in que. X as in experience and K as in kite. Similarity the g sound as in good is represented by other letters too. X in example sound like g as good. This becomes confusing in the beginning for English learners. This is where the IPA comes in.

Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet and this problem will be gone forever. All good dictionaries use IPA. So you can learn the right pronunciation of a word from the beginning.

There is an app on my list of spoken English apps that you can use to learn IPA and improve your English pronunciation from the very beginning.

Check Your English Pronunciation

Now that you know the IPA translation of an English word, you now know how to pronounce the word. But how would you know if you are pronouncing it correctly or not? Take a help from a buddy! How do you know that he is pronouncing it correctly? Got my point? It was really confusing and frustrating. Anyway I found someone who could check my pronunciations of English words. She was always with me! But I never knew that she could help me in this regard. She was Google Voice Assistant. Ask something to Google Voice Assistant in English and if you are pronouncing the word correctly she will answer your questions. If she did not understand what I said it meant I was not pronouncing the words correctly.

You can use Siri on Iphone in the same way. Samsung has a voice recorder app that has a feature that can translate speech into words. I tried that and found it to be quite good.

These two simple techniques turned out to be very effective and helped me in learning spoken English. You can benefit from these techniques too. Learning English is easy and fun, isn’t it? In his book ‘Better English Pronunciation’ J D O’Conor said that you should try to pronounce words in a presentable way. You can read this books to learn about intonation of English speech, how words blend together and some other advanced stuff.

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