What are Subjects and Predicates?

Every sentence must have a subject and a predicate. Understanding subjects and predicates are important both for written and spoken English. Learn these basic grammar concepts before moving on to complex grammar rules.

What are Subjects?

The Subject is the word of which something is stated. In the sentence, ‘Birds fly’, ‘birds’ is the subject because something is being said about ‘birds’. The sun sets in the west. ‘The sun’ is the subject in the previous example sentence.

What are Predicates?

The Predicate is the word which states something about the subject. In the sentence, Dogs bark, the verb bark is the predicate because it declares something about dogs.

Subjects and Predicates in Example Sentences


Sheis tall
Mahendraworks at a local garage
Laxmanplays football
The babyis smiling


In the following sentences classify the words, and name the subjects and predicates and give reason.


Worms crawl. Flowers bloom. Lions roar. Wheels turn. Dogs bite. Fish swim. John skates. Larks sing. Ice melts. Lucy walks. Birds fly. Rivers flow. Rabbits hide. Jane reads. Animals die. Girls sew. Wood burns. Snow falls. Bears growl. Children cry. Grass grows. Charles runs. Sailors climb. Leaves fall. Wolves howl. Soldiers fight. Indians dance. Robert writes. Bees sting. Mary sings.


Write ten sentences having proper nouns used as subject, ten having common nouns used as subject and five having collective nouns used as subject.

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