Take These Parts of Speech Exercises

Reinforce your knowledge of parts of speech in the English language with the following exercises. Understanding the various parts of speech in English is absolutely necessary for learning the other English grammar rules.

Do the following Parts of Speech Exercises


In the following exercise will be found all the parts of speech and illustrations of the rules so far given. Analyze the sentences and parse each word.


The king will send an army against his enemies. Oh! How it rains. These men have worked hard and they deserve their pay. Why will Henry not give me my book ? The horse which we caught had thrown his master and hurt him severely. I have not said that William took the cane. Which of you will come into my new boat? Robertas kite soon broke the cord because it pulled too hard. Charles gave the poor beggar some money yesterday. You will not need my umbrella because it will not rain again. Whose gloves have you there? My watch had stopped and I missed the train because I started too late. Whom have you seen ? Neither Henry nor Lucy has come to church to day. Those who feared the storm went into a safe place. Hark! I hear a strange noise. The person whom I met ran by me so fast that I saw him indistinctly. A wise man values his health higher than gold. Thomas bought the two finest guns that he saw in the store. Six tramps went up the road lately. The hunter killed the first deer that he found in the forest. All writers have agreed to this. Which scholar won the prize? The gentleman, when he hurt himself, sent for the physician. Both Annie and her sister have gone to the theatre. Will you show me where the rabbit hid? Samuel has not worked much to-day. The boys earned one dollar apiece.

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