Learn Basic English Grammar

Learn the essential grammar rules in simple English required to improve your spoken English. Improve your English speaking skills with these grammar lessons.

Distinction Between Adverb and Preposition

Distinction between Adverbs and Prepositions The same words are used sometimes as Adverbs and sometimes as Prepositions. They are to be distinguished according to the manner in which they are used. Prepositions always govern some Noun or Pronoun. Adverbs are not added...

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Eight Parts of Speech with Examples

Go through the below eight parts of speech examples with different classes of these eight parts of speech. The different classes into which words are divided are called Parts of Speech in the English grammar. Nine Parts of Speech? The Article 'A' is sometimes reckoned...

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Types of Moods of Verbs in English

There are five types of moods of verbs in English. Mood is a form of the verb to show different kinds of statement. Mood (or mode) is derived from the Latin word modus, “manner.” Five Types of Moods of Verbs The five types of mood of verbs are the indicative, the...

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Types of Sentences in English

A Sentence is a group of words arranged so as to make sense. Sentences are divided into different types of sentences in English. Sentences in English have been divided, according to their use, into Principal Sentences and Dependent Sentences. They are also divided,...

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Basic Important Grammar Rules

Following are some basic important grammar rules. Learn these grammar rules to minimize mistakes while speaking and writing in English. Learn These Basic Important Grammar Rules     Grammar Rules for Pronouns The pronoun has the same rules as the noun except...

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Uses of Nouns in a Sentence

Learn the different uses of Nouns in a sentence. Also take the exercise at the end of this article to learn the of various uses of Nouns. 10 Uses of Nouns in a Sentence There are ten uses of the noun in a sentence. Learn the 10 uses of this part of speech. Use of Noun...

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Take These Parts of Speech Exercises

Reinforce your knowledge of parts of speech in the English language with the following exercises. Understanding the various parts of speech in English is absolutely necessary for learning the other English grammar rules. Do the following Parts of Speech Exercises...

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What is an Adverb? | Types of Adverbs

What is an Adverb? An Adverb is a word used to modify the meaning of a verb, an adjective or another adverb ; as, Verb - The horse walks slowly. John has not read. He came yesterday. Adjective - We saw a very tall tree. Adverb - The man talks very slowly. Many adverbs...

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Important Grammar Terms

A Sentence is a group of words arranged so as to make sense. Every sentence must have a Subject and a Predicate.

Language is the arrangement of words by proper rules, and Grammar is the collection of the facts and rules of language.

The Direct Object of a verb is the thing on which the action of the verb is exerted directly.

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